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Moorhouse Property Services was born with a passion for property and helping people, we wanted to approach property ethically and with transparency.


We continue to expand through recommendation and referral and have a reputation for our honesty, our transparency and ability to develop long lasting trustworthy relationships.

If you want help letting your property, selling or growing your property portfolio then please get in contact today.

Leah Moorhouse

Founder and Director

Hello and thank you for visiting the website.

I launched Moorhouse Property Services with a passion for renovating, helping people find solutions to their challenges with property and aligning people with investment properties they can be proud of. 

I remember when I bought my first house, a doer-upper and worked tirelessly to get the house to a liveable state, new bathroom, new carpets, flooring, you name it. I was up at 5am plastering the ceilings before starting work, my partner and I totally transformed the place.

And I loved it, every part of the journey.

I decided to attend a property networking event in my area and from that moment, I was willing to do whatever I needed to be able to step into the property industry.

I invested in my education, and started to build a network of like minded people, that was all I needed. 

What I soon learnt was that there are too many people out there taking advantage of investors and homeowners, buying or selling deals that just weren't ethical.

But I wanted to approach things differently, fairly, ethically and with transparency - and that's how and why it happened. 

The complimentary skills I had gained from working in healthcare recruitment and workforce management for 12 years were perfect for the property business. I've managed multi-million pound NHS client contracts, managed high performing teams and perfected my client relationship skills. Not to mention, property sourcing and recruitment share some similarities; you are dedicated to understanding your clients needs and sourcing the best candidates or in this case properties. Increasing profits and return on investments, building long lasting trustworthy relationships and don't forget working with integrity and being ethical.

Before stepping into the corporate world I was a qualified youth worker & sports coach delivering on projects in and around deprived areas, and provided PE curricula to youths kicked out of school. More recently, in my spare time I have been delivering sports based projects to youths with a large local charity in my area.


Helping people in any aspect of life, be it their personal or professional goals is what I strive to achieve and what really drives me. I personally plan to include Assisted Living or affordable housing properties in my portfolio. 

When I'm not doing property, I'm taking my cute doggies for a walk, binge watching a Netflix series, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, doing some inspiring DIY or out on the paddle board.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read through the website, if I can help you in any way please get in contact, I can't wait to help you! 

Leah Moorhouse - Moorhouse Property Services Founder
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