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Why Property Investment in Southampton and South Coast is a Smart Move

As a first-time landlord in Southampton, it can be overwhelming thinking about the intricacies of managing your new property investment. Between sourcing reliable tenants, handling maintenance issues, and navigating legal requirements, you can quickly realise you need help. That's when Moorhouse Property Services, a beacon of support for landlords, can act and assist. We help landlords transform their investment journey from a stressful endeavour into a smooth, profitable experience.

Is Southampton a Good Property Investment Place?

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Regular Rental Yields

One of the primary advantages of property investment in Southampton and the South Coast is the steady income stream generated through rental yields. The average rental yield in Southampton stands at around 5.6%, with some areas offering even higher returns. For instance, House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), otherwise known as shared accommodation, can yield up to 15%, and the new developments of high-end coliving up to 20% provide a lucrative opportunity for investors seeking consistent revenue.

A Tangible Asset

Property investment offers the security of owning a physical asset, unlike stocks or bonds, which can be more volatile. This tangible nature provides stability and control, allowing investors to leverage their property for additional financial benefits, such as refinancing or securing further investments.

Are House Prices Rising in Southampton?

Supply and Demand Dynamics

The housing market in Southampton and the South Coast is underpinned by a significant supply-demand imbalance. According to the Hampshire County Council, the region must build 10,000 new homes annually to meet current demand, yet actual construction falls short. This disparity ensures that property values and rental incomes remain robust, benefiting landlords and investors.

The Robust Property Market in Southampton and the South Coast

Investing in Southampton and the South Coast property is a prudent choice, supported by compelling statistics and market trends. According to Zoopla, house prices in Southampton have increased by an average of 3.5% annually over the past five years. This steady growth is a testament to the region's resilience and long-term potential.

Long-Term Growth Prospects

Long-term growth is a hallmark of the Southampton property market. Historical data from the Nationwide Building Society indicates that average house prices in the South Coast region have risen significantly over the past decade. This substantial increase underscores the potential for significant capital appreciation, making property investment a compelling choice for building wealth.

How Moorhouse Property Services Can Help

Navigating the complexities of property management can be daunting, but Moorhouse Property Services is here to assist. Our comprehensive services, tailored to meet individual landlord needs in Southampton and the South Coast, ensure a hassle-free experience. From tenant sourcing and property maintenance to investment advice, we handle everything with professionalism and integrity.

Our Full Management and Guaranteed Rent Service, for example, offers landlords peace of mind. It provides a reliable income stream without day-to-day management headaches, allowing investors to enjoy the benefits of property ownership while we care for the rest. 

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Investing in property in Southampton and the South Coast presents various benefits, from regular rental yields and long-term growth to the security of owning a physical asset. With the market's resilience and promising future, it's an opportune time to consider expanding your portfolio in this thriving region.

At Moorhouse Property Services, we are dedicated to helping landlords maximise their investments through professional, reliable property management. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, our tailored services ensure your property is in capable hands.

Ready to make your investment journey in Southampton and the South Coast stress-free and profitable? Contact us today to discover how we can help you maximize your property investment!

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